What our children did….

7+: Prep for Alexander weekly over two terms, aiming to sit the 7+ for Kings College in Dec `16, working on English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

7+: Prep for Zara weekly over two terms, aiming to sit January 2017 for Alleyns and JAGS working on confidence in writing and handwriting.

Yr 5: Maths support for Louis over one term. Louis is at Dulwich and struggled with focus and more difficult topics. He compared himself with his classmates and was lacking confidence.

11+: Prep for Amelia over one term on Maths. Starting with twice weekly 2 hour sessions we built up to four days a week as part of a sustained campaign for 11+ schools entrance, with a final push ahead of her assessments in January 2016. Amelia worked very hard and upon sitting the exam, accepted a place at her first choice Ibstock Senior school and gained places at four out of her five preferred schools.

Homeschooling: Prep for Joakim age 10 over one term in Maths. Family relocated from the US to London, starting the IB programme in grade 5 at South Bank International School. Focus on filling any gaps

11+: Prep for Freddie weekly over three terms, aiming to sit January 2017 for entrance to Hampton Boys and Kingston among others. Focus on exam technique and familiarizing him with the papers. Sessions are fun and engaging as Freddie increasingly grows in confidence.

13+/Common entrance: Prep for twins Rocco and Fabian over three terms. They are bright boys and focus was on comprehension and writing technique. Fabien and Rocco have since sat their exams and achieved straight As for English. They now attend Wetherby Senior School.


Year 1: English literacy prep with Alexi for one term. Family relocated to London. My focus was on reading and story writing, helping with vocabulary and sentence structure. Alexi soon grew in confidence and enjoys school.

Year 1: English literacy prep with Yara at the French Lycee for two years. Yara was very bright but struggling with reading so we read out loud and used phonics games. We also did story writing using themes and vocabulary as well as practicing spelling. Yara now has an excellent reading level above average for her age resulting in her being moved up a year at school.

Yr 2: Prep with Miele in English literacy, recently relocated to London from France for one term. I worked with Miele on reading and English grammar to increase her fluency when starting school.

Yr 9: Prep with Gabriel, brother of Miele, and recently relocated to London from France for one term. Gabriel was due to start at Dulwich College and we worked on grammar and verbal reasoning.

Yr 3: English literacy with Gabrielle aged seven attending the French Lycee for one year. I helped with reading using Oxford Reading Tree, comprehension and phonics exercises, resulting in her being moved up a set at school.

Yr 4 and pre school: Alexandre aged nine and Maxine aged four at Hill House International School. I worked with this family for five years.