fabian-blank-78637One of my six-year-old boys – ” I received money from the tooth fairy!” He then proudly showed me the makeshift cardboard money box he had made to collect said money, clearly in anticipation of future deposits. “How much did she leave you?” I said just as excitedly but mostly out of curiosity. I’d totally forgotten about this childhood tradition and was secretly pleased that his parents had done it. He lifts the lid on the box carefully, “£2!” I say, “lucky thing. What are you going to spend it on?” “I’m not sure yet.”  Alexander never did anything without thinking about it first and it turns out he was saving it until the right thing came along.

Which led me to think, what is the going rate these days? I got 50p under my pillow and like for most children, it was my first experience with money and having my own, which I probably did spend on five 10p mixes..oops. But hey, I have inherited strong teeth apparently.  Because after doing some research, the question seems not only a sticking point for teaching children about the value of money if they are just going to spend it on things kids naturally want ie. sweets (but then why wouldn’t they? They are kids) but also acts as a barometer for the nation’s economic health, otherwise meaning kids today have never had it so good.

Photo: Fabian Blank, Germany

Resources: FT, Huff Post.


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