Bedtime. Does it seem like it’s just a mad rush? Make it a ritual, a special time before they go to the land of nod and you go back to the land of the grown-ups.

Apparently,  one in five working parents don’t read a bedtime story to their child. I once read a bedtime story to one of my girls because I knew the family well and the mother was entertaining guests in the next room. But the reason a child would love a story is simply because it is time spent with you, at the end of the day. When else have you spent quality one on one time with them? It’s school, after school club, quick snack, tutoring, homework, then bed. Think of it like a mini date with your child. No sneaky peeking at email or messages, put your phone in another room.

Talk about their day, your day, snuggle up and both escape to a fantasy world, just for half an hour, or even ten minutes.

Read by torchlight under the covers, or if they are not tired, have a pillow fight and then hit the hay. (Boys would love this).

I had a silly song that mum and I sang, a variation on “night night’ when I was tucked up in bed with Caroline the polar bear and my doudou. The child is happy, settled. Believe it or not, they want to spend time with you. Spending time with them like this confirms you care. Of course, you know you care, but children like to be reminded. A lot.

Image courtesy of Robyn Budlender)

PS. Caroline the polar bear’s adventure


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