Crave Family Time? Make the Best Sunday Roast


How often does your family eat together? Sunday dinner is an institution in any family I think. It’s one of few times everyone is in the same place. In our family, my mum still makes Sunday dinner at lunchtime and if not we all decamp to the pub.

Every Sunday we were together. Even now we sit in the same place we had at the dinner table as children and always have Yorkshire Puddings before the rest of the meat and vegetables. (Does anyone else do that?!) My mum still has the same gravy boat she has been using for years and there is a ceremony to passing the dishes around, serving, clearing the plates afterwards and taking to the outdoors for a bracing walk.

And if you can’t be bothered with the cooking, there is always the pub. Because “Sundays are for sleeping until you’re hungry, and eating until you’re sleepy” so says Tatler.

Do you agree? I definitely do.

Photo of meat feast by Benjamin Faust, Thorntown, United States

PS. On Picnics











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