Getting Kids into Sports

xy-f5gptgr8-aaron-burdenThere are so many benefits of getting kids into sports early.

At school I was not the sporty kid. I liked music and art. But then I went to college and joined the Cross Country and Athletics team and I met some amazing people. I found out I was quite good at running and I have great memories of those times.

It’s not uncommon to start playing the piano from around five years old and this mum enrolled her son in martial arts to blow off steam.
Other benefits include learning to listen to others, pay attention and work with others as a team, all skills for life and children grow in confidence as a result.

It’s a test of character how well your child handles a loss, so emotional strength grows as they gain more self-control, determination to improve and higher self-esteem.

Most of my children are doing sport or activities after school such as rugby, dance, ballet and some do sailing, fencing and judo. What do yours do?

PS. Riding a bike

(Picture: Aaron Burden, Michigan)

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