Have toy, will travel…



Not all hols were seaside trips to Whitby, one year we went to…the Balearics! But little did I know the perils of taking beloved childhood companions to exotic climes.
It was idyllic – my Uncle slathering on the sunscreen, sun hats, building fortresses of sand to be swept away by the sea come evening and burying ourselves in sand up to our necks!

All was going well, until one morning when we were about to embark on another of these blissful days. This holiday was the first time Caroline the polar bear from the US had been abroad. She was a cuddly toy, a present form my American Auntie and my comforter, my Doudou.

She was always with me when I slept but this time I couldn’t find her. This was my worst nightmare come true. Mum brushed it off saying she must be somewhere. My uncle was brilliant, even drew a picture for the holiday rep and hotel staff saying “If you see this bear…” But I was heartbroken.

Soon it was only a couple of days before we were due to leave and I had been moping and sulking for most of time. After breakfast I walked in to our room, to find her, pristine white sat waiting on the bed. It was a miracle! (When actually she had gotten caught up in the bed sheets when the maids came and had been freshly laundered).

However that was the last time Caroline ventured overseas. She is now retired to my brother’s attic after serving me faithfully. She is 32 yrs old.

I recently read here about how a mother had forgotten her son’s favorite toy for nursery and the ensuing stress it produced for her son. Kids need Caroline and Dumbo because they are coping mechanisms in strange environments or help them to relax – even adults have them. Except their names tend to be more like cigarettes/alcohol/coffee [insert your vice here]….. x

(Photo: little ones from oh, albatross)

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